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FAQ Gorges du Verdon: What is the best time to discover the Verdon ?

The best time to discover the Verdon is mid-May and June. Moreover, in June you can easily find a campsite open and enjoy a good swim in the lakes of the region.

For those who are looking for more entertainment, you can of course go there during July/August. Likewise depending on the weather, September is also a good month to come. 

Is it true that some trails or paths (Sentier Martel,...) are closed in winter?

So the trails are not closed in winter, but they are strongly not advised, as there are many rock falls and the sunny and humid areas at the bottom of the gorges are sometimes covered with ice, which makes progress on the Blanc-Martel trail and the Imbut trail dangerous.

What is the harvest period for lavender on the Valensole plateau?

As the plateau is the place where lavandin is grown, which you can observe from the end of June to the beginning of July depending on the year. Then to be differentiated from the lavender which grows in altitude in July-August.


How long does it take to explore the Verdon?

This is a complex FAQ Gorges du Verdon… The ideal would be to stay at least two weeks to enjoy the lakes, villages and landscapes, to discover and especially “breathe” the Verdon.
Although, you can also discover the Verdon in one week according to your desires. But is it really what you want when you are on vacation?

Is there a guide or a book about the different hikes in the Verdon ?

The topoguide ” Balade nature dans le Parc naturel régional du Verdon ” published by Dakota Editions, on sale at the Verdon Park House in Moustiers Sainte-Marie or at the Park Relais in Castellane (15 walks to discover the fauna and flora of the Verdon) or a topoguide specific to the best known trails of the Gorges published by the French Hiking Federation : ” Gorges, lacs et plateaux du Verdon à pied® “.

In Addition, there are also 70 hiking cards (0,90€ each) available in the same reception areas where you can get advice and information. 

Finally, you will find many online articles on hiking in the Verdon following this link. 

FAQ Gorges du Verdon: How to get around in the Verdon ?

It is necessary to take into account, in the time of your journeys, the fact that the roads of the Verdon are narrow and sinuous and that there can be an important traffic, in particular in the middle of the summer. Importantly, there is a system of shuttles between the villages, you will find all the information on the website Region South or download directly  the PDF with the departure times

How to get to the start of the Blanc Martel trail (chalet de la Maline) without a car?

A shuttle bus allows hikers to access the Blanc-Martel trail from La Palud-sur-Verdon between April and October. From April 2023, this shuttle will run only on weekends. In July there will be more regular departures. The morning shuttle leaves at 8:30 am from La Palud and arrives at 8:40 am at the trailhead (Chalet de la Maline) and returns to La Palud at 9:10 am.  Again the shuttle passes at 4:00 pm at La Palud, arrives at 4:20 pm at the trailhead (Chalet de la Maline) and returns to La Palud at 4:40 pm. The rates of the shuttle are:

– 8 € round trip per adult / 5 € for children up to 12 years old

– 5 € single trip (adult, child)

An online reservation and payment system is proposed. Since 2021, parking at the Sublime point (the arrival of the Martel) has become very complicated (it already was) and very expensive (this is new). Park at La Palud sur Verdon and take the shuttle to La Maline in the morning. In the afternoon, the shuttle allows you to return to La Palud from the arrival point of the Martel trail. Finally, at the Sublime point, the shaded terrace of the inn is waiting for you: settle down while waiting for the shuttle that will bring you back to La Palud sur Verdon.

In the gorges
For the comfort of your travels, think of using the shuttles in the gorges as well as the cabs present in many villages of the Verdon (information in the tourist offices).
The gorges shuttle* of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence general council (heading Transport / Transport network / Riez-Castellane area)
Castellane Tourist Office | 04 92 83 61 14
La Palud Tourist Office | 04 92 77 32 02
*Circulates every day during the Easter vacations (zone B only), every day during the summer period (July and August). And every weekend, public holidays and “bridges” from April 1st to June 30th and from September 1st to September 15th.

On the route des Crêtes
This 23 km route, starting from La Palud-sur-Verdon, is a one-way traffic route between the Jas d’Aire and the Chalet de La Maline. This road is partially closed from November 1st to April 15th.

Taxi Verdon

+33 (0)6 68 18 13 13
Special cab for the Blanc Martel trail between Rougon and La Ma


FAQ Gorges du Verdon: Is there accommodation for disabled people available in the Gorges du Verdon?

Yes there are. Some even have the tourism and handicap label. This label is an approach aimed above all at improving the quality of the reception and the accessibility of all types of structures to the greatest number, tourism professionals in the Verdon benefit from this label.

Quinson | gîte d’étape L’escargot 04 92 74 09 73
Gréoux-les-Bains | gîte rural Le petit étang 04 92 74 35 52
Valensole | gîte rural Lou coquelicot 04 92 74 91 43
Valensole | Les grandes aires 04 92 74 92 88
Castellane | Camping La ferme de Castellane 04 92 83 67 77
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie | hotel Les restanques de Moustiers 04 92 74 93 9

Are there any recommended or discouraged paths for families with strollers?

The Verdon is not, strictly speaking, a suitable terrain for hiking with a stroller. Some of the trails in the Gorges are forbidden to children under 10 years old.

Nevertheless the Verdon does not only offer the Gorges as a spectacle. You will be able to discover typical Provencal villages such as Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Trigance, Rougon, Aiguines, Bargèmes. These places are of course, accessible to strollers as well as other small walks on the tracks of the plateau of Valensole (if you have a stroller).

Are animals allowed in the park?

A Regional Nature Park has no regulatory powers. Thus, the rules in force are the same as elsewhere. Animals are allowed but must be kept on a leash on the hiking trails. In the mountains, we advise people not to bring their animals, watchdog (guard dogs) are there to protect the herds from wolves and other stray dogs.

However, the Imbut trail and the Blanc Martel trail are forbidden to dogs, but for safety reasons (many ladders to cross)


Are there any tours of the park organized by travel agencies or others?

You can go directly to the tab What to do in the Verdon ? on the menu bar. You will find a selection of activities to do to discover the Verdon, whether by land, water or air, you have many possibilities to see everything of this region.  


Are mini-cruises possible on the Verdon?

You can rent boats to sail on the lakes of Esparron or Sainte-Crois. Go to the page  “What to do on the water” in the tab What to do?    


FAQ Gorges du Verdon: Is there any accommodation for groups in the Verdon?

Concerning the structures allowing to welcome groups or colonies, we invite you to go to the tab Where to stay? . You will find a selection of campsites and lodges with large capacities. You will have to contact them directly for discounts and capacities for groups. 

Can student groups book accommodation in the Verdon?

It is a bit complicated for a group of students to book an accommodation in the Verdon. Besides the campsites will be rather suspicious about this. We advise you to contact the Youth Hostel in La Palud sur Verdon with a capacity of 54 places. 


Are there any search possibilities or a job exchange in the Verdon for seasonal workers?

There is an employment forum in the upper Var Verdon area which is usually organized in Aups or Moissac in the spring by the Conseil général du Var.