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Summer 2023 Information (updated July 9, 2023)

  • Water and weather conditions in 2023

Let’s remember that the Gorges du Verdon are 100 km long and have 9 lakes. In 2023 we have had a very rainy springtime and plenty of water!

  • There is water: all the lakes are open for swimming and all activities.
  • The lake of Sainte-Croix (second largest lake in France) and its beaches are open as well as all activities
  • Canoeing can be practiced and is not affected by the lack of water in the area upstream from Castellane
  • Canyoning and aquatic trekking are open with a large choice of routes and difficulties as every year
  • Rafting is possible this year every fridays and tuesdays

To know more and to see the pictures in real time, we keep an article updated every week with the detailed situation lake by lake and activity by activity.


Information Covid 19 of summer 2023 (updated July 9, 2023)

  • Our activities are open to reservation and authorized without a Health Pass

Our activities, whether supervised or not, do not require a Health Pass and are open to all. In some cases, wearing a mask is mandatory: cinema, astronomy, return shuttle. Sanitary obligations are indicated for each activity on the reservation sticker. 
The barrier gestures remain mandatory in closed areas (as opposed to open air areas) 
To check availability and make a reservation, use our search engine.

  • How am I reimbursed in case of cancellation related to Covid-19?

For activities: In case of cancellation due to weather or Covid19 that makes the activity impossible, you will be refunded in full. In the other cases, you can cancel whatever the reason until 72 hours before the activity: in this case we refund you with a deduction of 5 euros per person. This refund will be made within the usual 7 days by crediting your credit card.

For the stays: In the particular case of an impossibility to organize the stay because of a confinement or a prohibition to move related to Covid, we propose a postponement on a period of 18 months or refund you if the postponement is impossible. The conditions of cancellation of the stays are specified on our technical sheets stays sent on request.

We also offer a cancellation insurance that covers most cases of cancellation and now includes the risks related to Covid19.

Gift card / Gift voucher

  • How long is my gift card valid?

Our gift cards are valid for two years from the date of purchase: for example, your gift card purchased on December 5, 2020 will be valid until December 5, 2022.

  • How do I order my gift card?

You can order your gift card by following this link: you will discover the different offers of Verdon Voyages to offer a gift. Remember that Verdon Secret, LesGorgesduVerdon are the websites of Verdon Voyages. See also in this topic Who are we?

  • How do I contact my guide?

To contact your guide, you call us at 04 92 71 01 33 and we check the availability. We organize the reservation for you and answer all your questions.

  • How do I pay for my activity with my “Offer the Verdon” gift card?

The voucher or gift card has the value of payment: when booking, you give us your name, the name of the person who offered you the gift and the number on the gift card starting with ECO and then a series of numbers. This number will appear on your gift certificate.

  • Can I pay for my gift card with a vacation voucher?

Yes, we accept vacation vouchers for all our activities and even for gift cards. We also accept internet vacation vouchers.
If your vacation vouchers expire, you can pay before the expiry date and then you have two years to book your activity.

  • I would like to exchange my gift card for another activity: Is this possible?

Yes, you can. Just call us and choose a different activity: you may have to pay a little more. However, we do not refund gift vouchers. Find all our activities easily thanks to our search engine.

  • Can I give my gift card to another person?

The gift card is not nominative and you can give it or buy it without knowing the beneficiary at the time of purchase. You can pass it on or use it for yourself. However, you cannot resell it.

  • Are there gift vouchers for stays or combinations of activities?

We organize trips in the Gorges du Verdon. The gift card can also be used as a discount voucher for stays. Finally we can edit you a customized gift voucher: call us.

  • The guide is not available on the desired dates, what can I do?

Contact us because all the activities of our catalog are not on the website: we will find a solution.
Of course you don’t go rafting in February or canoeing in December. The activities depend on the seasons and the weather.

  • I have booked my activity but the weather is terrible: what can I do?

Even with us it happens that the weather is not good. We will propose you to postpone and if you are at the end of the voucher validity, we will accept to postpone to the next season. The Verdon will always be there and so will we!

Make an option

  • How to make an option?

By internet in a few clicks, by phone at 04 92 71 01 33 or by coming to our agency in Moustiers Sainte-Marie, every day from 10AM to 1PM and from 4PM to 7PM.
If you have a question, the chat (below right, it’s not a robot!) is there to help you.
We commit ourselves to give you prices lower or equal to the prices you can get on site.
We will refund you the difference if a lower price than ours is displayed or proposed on site by our provider.

Reservation process

  • How to book an activity?

The search engine on the home page allows you to select the activity you are interested in and the dates you are considering.
A selection of proposals appears and you can choose the one that suits you.
Each activity has its own booking rules and you will be asked questions according to the activity you have booked.
The description and the pictures give you the essential information.
For example, for the canyoning activity, you will be asked your weight and height in order to prepare your neoprene suit…
If you have any questions at the time of booking, click on our “chat” at the bottom right and we will answer you very quickly and almost always in real time. You can also call us at 04 92 71 01 33 during opening hours.

  • When to book an activity?

Book at least one day before the activity. We do not take reservations for the same day.
For electric boats in July and August, booking several days in advance is often necessary to be sure to have a boat available. If the boxes on the calendar are green, then you can book. If the boxes are red, then there is no more availability. In this case, we can offer you another activity. In this case, don’t call us: by phone or online, the availability is the same.

  • How to book a trip?

Trips must be booked one month before the departure date in order to guarantee availability. Our trips include meals, accommodation and the supervision of activities by professional guides. Please read the detailed descriptions: you can also ask questions using our tchat.

  • How to book a private guide?

By booking a private guide, you are sure to have the guide only for your family or your group of friends. No other person will be added to your group.
To choose this option, when booking the activity, select “private group participants”.
– Private group participants………………………………-1+
– Public group participants…………………………..-0+
Please note that it is important to specify the number of people in the group. Replace 1 with the number in question. The price of booking a private guide will be higher than the price of joining a public group. It is important to note that this is a package that does not change with the number of participants.
=> Make sure that the other option “Public group participant” has zero participants.
In case of question or difficulty, click on the “Chat” (bottom right): we answer very quickly.

  • Can I pay with a vacation voucher?

You can pay your reservation online with your CONNECT vacation vouchers (application to download and more info by following this link Contact us at 04 92 71 01 33 so that we can send you the payment link that will allow you to pay for your reservation with your CONNECT e-wallet.

We accept PAPER vacation vouchers in our store in Moustiers Sainte-Marie or if they are sent to us by mail to the following address Verdon Voyages, Le Serre, 04360 Moustiers Sainte-Marie. ATTENTION: a payment by vacation voucher does not give the right to a refund (according to the ANCV’s CGV). In case of cancellation of your reservation we will issue a credit note valid for 12 months.

Modify my reservation

  • Can I postpone the activity?

A postponement is considered as a cancellation.
However, depending on the activity and the notice period, we will make every effort to reschedule without charge by offering you a satisfactory alternative.

  • Can I change the activity if I change my mind?

Again, you can modify your activity up to the maximum cancellation date, i.e. 72 hours before the activity starts. You can contact us directly so that we can make the exchange.

Cancel my reservation

Day activities can be cancelled or postponed according to the booking conditions:
We will refund your purchase, sometimes with a 5 euro deduction.
Full billing will occur in all cases if you do not show up without cancelling (No show).

  • How to cancel an activity?

Before departure:
Cancellation is possible for any reason up to 72 hours before departure (fee 5 euros per person) depending on your activity. After this period, the activity will be charged. You will find the cancellation period for your activity clearly mentioned on the reservation sticker.

After departure:
The activity is charged in all cases.
Some activities require a confirmation from the provider. In this case, we mention it at the time of the reservation.
You will receive an email to remind you with the phone number or email of the provider.

  • If the weather conditions are bad, will I be refunded?

In case of bad weather conditions: If the provider decides to cancel the activity for safety reasons, we propose a postponement or refund the activity in full according to your choice. If the activity is maintained, our classic cancellation policy applies: you can cancel up to 24/48/72 hours before departure (fee 5 euros per booking) depending on your activity. After this time, the activity will be charged.

  • How to cancel restaurants, hotels or campsites ?

For hotels or campings, you will have to refer directly to the conditions of each provider by clicking on the visible link that directs you to their website.

  • How can I cancel a museum, cinema, country house?

Cancellations are possible with a 5 euro deduction per person up to 72 hours before the reservation. Postponement and weather cancellations for the free outdoor cinema.

  • How to book trips and for groups of more than 20 people?

For groups or for trips including your accommodation, we apply special conditions.
These conditions are specified on the quote or on the detailed information sheet of the trip that you sign to book your excursion or trip.

A deposit of 30% is required upon reservation.

  • I made my reservation by phone, can I cancel by email?

Yes, to cancel, you have to send us an e-mail to,
You will have to specify your reservation number and your name and first name.

  • Can I cancel for a part of the participants ?

The same conditions apply to a partial cancellation.
For example, if 4 people cancel out of a group of 8, only those who cancelled will be held back.

  • How long does it take to get a refund after a cancellation?

We need an average of 7 days (and 10 days maximum) to process a cancellation and issue a refund. When the cancellation has been processed we will confirm it by email (so 3 to 7 days after your request).
We credit your credit card in most cases. If you have paid by vacation voucher, we cannot send back the vouchers: you have to come back to our store in Moustiers Sainte-Marie else we will make a promo code with 12 months expiration date. 

How to get there ?

How do I get to the Gorges du Verdon from Marseille in 2023?

To get here from Marseille Saint-Charles TGV station, first take the ZOU 67 Marseille-Riez bus, then change at Riez for the 450 RIEZ-Castellane bus. These buses run every day except Sunday from May 1 to September 30, 2023. In July and August, Sunday routes will be added (not yet published).

How do I get to the Gorges du Verdon without a car?

You arrive at Marseille Saint-Charles station: from there you have several options in 2023:
Take the 67 Marseille Riez line, departing at 2:20 pm. Change at Riez for line 450, departing at 4:15 pm. Note that the two buses wait for each other, but as a precaution you should inform the driver of the connection! To book, follow this link to the bus booking site for the South of France (Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur). You’ll arrive in the Gorges du Verdon at 4.30pm (Moustiers Sainte-Marie) or 5.30pm (La Palud sur Verdon or Rougon). The price is €19/person for the Marseille Riez and €2.50/person for Riez-Castellane (whatever your destination – Moustiers Sainte-Marie, La Palud sur Verdon or Castellane).
For the return journey, you have a bus departing at 1:00 pm (La Palud sur Verdon) or 1:50 pm (Moustiers Sainte-Marie) with a change at Riez. You arrive at Marseille Saint-Charles station at 4:00 pm.