The most beautiful lakes in the Gorges du Verdon

It’s impossible to talk about the Gorges du Verdon without mentioning their stunning turquoise waters. Banks of this stream uncover 1,000 viewpoints on a spilling over and unimaginably protected nature. And the 9 lakes which intersperse its course offer a concentrate of these wealth. Next, the lakes of Verdon provide a plethora of opportunities to have unforgettable experiences. Which includs relaxing swims and beaches, rejuvenating swims, and boat rides that allow you to be rocked by the water.

Water activities on the Verdon lakes

Firstly, if the famous Sainte-Croix lake offers most activities, you can rent paddle, canoe, and pedal boats all around the Verdon’s largest lakes. For instance, you can play traveler in the lower gorges between the pools of Quinson and Esparron. Along with, you will be able to paddle while taking in the limestone cliffs in this magnificent setting. At long last, to revive you will slide in the turquoise waters from the slide of your pedal boat.

Moreover, on boat, you can also explore the hidden creeks of the lake of Esparron or arrive at the concealed sea shores of the island of Coste Beauty. So don’t waste any time and book a water activity now!

Activities for the entire family

Obviously you can’t turn out badly with a family get-away in the Verdon lakes. Certainly, a great many exercises, ashore as well as on water, permits everybody to appreciate it. A large number of them are available to the little ones. For example the aquarandos, which they can find from the age of 7. Kayak rental is even conceivable from the age of 4 !

The Verdon lakes, a perfect setting for Team Building

Is it true that you are searching for the best spot to coordinate a Team building class in nature? We offer bundles that incorporate convenience, dinners, and the games exercises of your decision. Because of our mastery, you will give your group a remarkable encounter, blending challenge and unwinding in the core of grand scenes.

In addition, the Verdon lakes are only 1 hour and a half away from the airports of Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Nice. Visit our Team Building page to book your seminar or get more information.

Rent an electric boat, the environmentally friendly alternative

To loosening up ride on the water or a unique excursion with companions, leasing electric boats on a portion of the Verdon lakes is likewise conceivable. Warm motors are prohibited on the Verdon, consequently safeguarding the nature and yet in addition the encompassing quiet. You will actually want to advance at your own speed, which will maybe turn into that of the Verdon.

Beautiful beaches for swimming on the lakes of Verdon

Almost certainly that the novices of inactivity won’t be disheartened by the shores of the “country with 300 days of sun each year”. Sandy or pebble beaches, small hidden creeks, there is something for everyone. Positively, that will keep a memorable souvenir of your swims in the Verdon. The banks of the pool of Quinson or Artignosc are especially adjusted for the satisfaction of the little ones.

At last, there are additionally puts that seem to be very much kept mysteries in the in the Gorges du Verdon.  Lake of Castillon is a perfect example. Surely, you can take shelter there to get away from the hordes of the greatest lakes bath in a wild climate where nature actually has every one of its privileges.

Breathtaking hikes and views

Verdon has the absolute most gorgeous hiking trails in France. Allow yourself to be hushed by the humming of the honey bees while admiring a breathtaking view from the plateau of Valensole. Indeed, from its lavender fields, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the lake of Sainte-Croix. Visit through the lake additionally offers extremely fascinating hiking trails. You will observe the water and nature while discovering the fauna and flora which populate them. Also, don’t miss the sunset on the lake from the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir lookout. . Especially the way that prompts it is open to all and its sanctuary, delegated a verifiable landmark, will please history sweethearts.

Typical charm of the Provencal villages and cultural heritage

These Provencal villages await you not far from each of the Verdon lakes. Narrow and shaded streets, lined with pink tiled houses, like those of Bauduen for instance, offer an exquisite dive into the charms of Provence. Definitely you can walk around, allowing yourself to be moved by the coolness of the late evening. Afterward you won’t neglect to go over, at an irregular turn, a verifiable landmark or a perspective on the pool of Sainte-Croix beneath.

An inquisitive and history buffs will track down a chance to submerge themselves in a culture inseparable from daylight, and the experts will have a great time the local gastronomy.

Camping in the Verdon lakes 

After a sporty day in the turquoise waters or relaxing on the beaches, there is nothing like camping to enjoy real nights in nature. Numerous potential varieties: in the event that a tent doesn’t exactly measure up for you, why not attempt a trailer, a chalet or even a camper?

To find the ideal campground, find every one of the conceivable outcomes on our devoted page, Campsites in the Gorges du Verdo