Les gorges du VERDON

The Gorges of Verdon

The Gorges of Verdon, also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, is a breathtaking natural wonder that stretches over 100 km and lined with vertical cliffs: they are the most impressive of Europe. The deep turquoise waters of the Verdon River wind through towering cliffs, creating a dramatic landscape that attracts hikers, rock climbers, kayakers, and nature enthusiasts from all over the world. The canyon is also home to a rich flora and fauna, including eagles, vultures, and rare orchids.

To explore the Gorges of Verdon, visitors can drive along the scenic Route des Crêtes, which offers stunning panoramic views of the canyon from several lookout points. Hiking trails also abound, ranging from easy walks to challenging treks that take you deep into the heart of the canyon. Kayaking, rafting, and swimming in translucent pools of water rhyme with the sun, gastronomy will make your vacations unforgettable. You can find all the tips and tricks on our website Les Gorges du Verdon in order to live La dolce vita provençale.

Lac d'Esparron

Lake Esparron, turquoise pearl of Provence

The South of France is a land of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and exquisite gastronomy. From the charming villages perched on hilltops to the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean coast, the region is a traveler’s paradise. One of the most spectacular destinations in the South of France is the Gorges of Verdon, a deep canyon carved by the Verdon River through the limestone plateau of the Verdon Natural Regional Park.

Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, the Gorges of Verdon offer a unique and thrilling experience for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are some of the best places to visit in the South of France, with a special focus on the Gorges of Verdon.


Known as the “City of a Thousand Fountains,” Aix-en-Provence is a charming town with a rich history and cultural heritage. The town, known for being the official most beautiful city of France, is also called « The Little Paris of the South ». Unlike Paris, Aix has succeeded to conquer all types of tourism without being overcrowded. The town’s elegant boulevards and charming squares are lined with elegant mansions, art galleries, and museums.

One of the must-see attractions in Aix-en-Provence is the Cours Mirabeau, a wide avenue lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. The avenue is shaded by rows of plane trees and is a popular spot for a leisurely stroll or a cup of coffee. Another highlight is the Atelier Cézanne, the former studio of the famous Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne, which offers a glimpse into the artist’s life and works.Thanks to its very rich artistic heritage, several Historical sites, pastel colored facades, its 250 fountains and its hundreds of cafés, the city has succeeded to embody the typical town of the South of France.

The Hilltop villages of Provence

Moustiers Sainte-Marie

If you want a complete immersion in Provence, you must visit the village known as The Provencal crib: Moustiers Sainte-Marie. This typical village, nestled between two rocks and overlooked by the famous star has everything of a postcard image! A visit to Provence without visiting Moustiers Sainte-Marie would be a bit like a champagne without bubbles. That village is so rich that we dedicated a whole article to it, that you can read in order to discover more in detail this magnificent village.

Gréoux les Bains

The Oasis of Verdon: so was called Gréoux Les Bains, the gateway to the Verdon Gorges, by the Provencal poet Jean Giono. Famous for its Provencal market and its Roman thermal baths, this is the place to go to learn more about the region, especially when you know that the village has the one and only cinema that diffuses a movie called Verdon Secret, to discover the beauty of the region in less than an hour on a giant screen.
An hour away from Aix en Provence, Gréoux with its 25 hotels is also an excellent base camp for the visit of the Gorges du Verdon.


If you’re visiting the French Riviera, don’t hesitate to take a day away from the crowds to immerse yourself in the hinterland of the Var. The village of Tourtour is home to many artists and a few gourmet restaurants. To learn more, read the article we dedicated to the village of Tourtour. 


Avignon & Arles

Arles is one of the inevitable city of the South of France. Thanks to its incredible cultural history and its beautiful landscapes, it is the perfect place to wander around. You see, when you’re reading a book and a typical small town of France is depicted ? That small town is Arles. Wander around in Arles is like wander around in a book that has come to life. That town is such an inspiration for art that even Vincent Van Gogh took inspiration from the city for a lot of his famous paintings.

Another city that is quite similar to Arles is Avignon. Indeed, Avignon also has a rich cultural history, beautiful landscapes and was an inspiration for Van Gogh paintings. The town is full of several landmarks, like The Café du Forum, painted by the artist. The old town, still protected by its well-preserved ramparts, is the perfect place to chill at a café and enjoy the view.

Montpellier & Nîmes

Montpellier and Nîmes also are two beautiful but underrated cities of the South of France.

Though Montpellier is the third largest city of the Mediterranean Coast of France — right after Nice and Marseille — it remains one of the most overlooked cities of the South of France by travelers. That perfect combination of old and new is just as amazing as the other big cities, but this one is way less crowded. Indeed, not only has Montpellier an important cultural history but also beautiful scares and beaches. Contrary to the beaches you can find in Nice or Marseille, those ones are bigger and less crowded. Montpellier is also an international student city, full of young people. If you’re young, want to visit a town in the South of France with friends and meet new people, Montpellier is one of the best places to visit in the South of France.

There is also a city, half an hour away from Montpellier that you must visit: Nîmes. The town is full of historic Roman Monuments. The most famous one is The Arènes de Nîmes, an exceptional Roman amphitheater, still very well-preserved. A lot of shows and concerts take place in it. In May, just before summer, you can go to the Féria and every evening for 5 days, enjoy evenings full of music in the Old Town, from the Arènes de Nîmes to the Maison Carrée. And since it’s in the Old Town, there are several Street bars next to it (especially on the Victor Hugo boulevard) you can enjoy. 

Lac d'Esparron

Lake Esparron, turquoise pearl of Provence

Le lac d’Esparron est une retenue artificielle, mise en eau suite à la construction du barrage de Gréoux, sur le Verdon. Il est situé près du village d’Esparron-de-Verdon dans le département des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence non loin de Gréoux ou de Vinon sur Verdon

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