Amazing Hike in the lower Gorges

There is a very amazing hike, along the low gorges of the Verdon, which is quite easy with breathtaking landscapes following the emerald blue of the Verdon. It is one of the most beautiful hikes to do in the South of France, more accessible than the Martel trail and shorter.

To know about the Lower Gorges Hike

First of all, you should bring at least 1.5 liters of water per person, good shoes. An electric lamp is also necessary for those who want to continue towards the chapel of Sainte Maxime. On the way you can find some places to swim or have the pleasure to have lunch on the banks of the Verdon. But be careful, places are very expensive in high season.

Departure to one of the best hiking trail of France

The departure of the hike is on the left bank of the Verdon, downstream from the lake of Quinson. The small yellow sign will be the start of the walk. Just follow the path leading to the “Chapelle Sainte Maxime”. The path starts with stairs going up. It will offer you nice views on the lake of Quinson but also on the beginning of the Lower Gorges.

Amazing view from the Garde Canal hiking trail

The amazing hike

After climbing the few stairs, we go back down to the bed of the Verdon. You will go through a small footbridge very often “instagrammed” or “facebooked”. It is indeed, always a good moment to be ecstatic in front of the emerald blue of the Verdon.

Then, you continue by passing by some passages with stairs on the side of the hill. Here again, it will offer you points of view to make splendid photographs. After these passages, the path of the canal guard becomes flat during 15-20 minutes. You will pass by a new panel announcing you that you are on the good way (phew!). It is important to know that there are 3h30 of walking and that dogs are not allowed.

The path continues along the old Verdon canal, a ramp will be there to guide you. On your left, the canal which was in charge of conveying water to Aix en Provence. Indeed, built in 1875, you will see during a good part of the hike the vestiges of this time.

You will have thereafter several belvederes on the Verdon. Then it is the arrival at the hut of the guard channel… A very amazing hike in the low gorges.

Hiking in the Gorges du Verdon

To go further…

For those who want to continue towards the chapel of Sainte Maxime, you will continue your journey by passing under the tunnel. This tunnel is very wet and even flooded due to bad weather, so you will have to turn on your electric lamp to avoid getting your shoes soaked.

At the exit, you will cross the ladder and continue on your left. The hike continues in an almost Amazonian scenery for about 20 minutes. Then you will take the height to get out and arrive on the heights. About ten minutes and it will be the arrival at the Sainte Maxime chapel.

It is also possible to navigate on the Verdon by renting an electric boat or kayak at the rental companies present at the lake of Quinson. Moreover, many of you will try their adventure to the lake of Esparron.

An amazing hike with a guide in the lower Gorges du Verdon

If you want a guide for this hike in the Lower Gorges of Verdon, you can check the availability of our guides for this hike or other beautiful hikes in the Gorges. If you are thinking of exploring the lower Gorges by canoe or by electric boat, we suggest you to book online after checking the availability.

Hiking trail of Garde canal, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, France
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