dated from 1/02/2023

The following document describes the general conditions of sale of Verdon Voyages, which you must accept before finalizing your purchase of activity, put online, on our website.

We strongly advise you to download this document in order to keep track of the general conditions of sale in force at the time of your purchase. Indeed, Verdon Voyages may need to change these conditions without notice. However, the only General Conditions of Sale that will be opposable to you are those you sign before finalizing the transaction.

If you do not agree with what we write here, you will not be able to complete your online purchase. Let us know what you do not agree with. We also reserve the right to interpret this document in any way we see fit.

        1. Site ownership

This website is the exclusive property of Agence Verdon Voyages. Only the members of the company are entitled to make changes.

        2. Legal information of the company Verdon Voyages

Verdon Voyages is a local incoming agency based in Verdon and registered with Atout France under the number IM004180001. Verdon Voyages as a retailer, declares to have subscribed with the insurer Hiscox a professional insurance – Tourism Pro guaranteeing the Civil Liability for the marketing of travel services (tourist activities). In accordance with the provisions of articles L. 211-18 and R. 211-35 to R. 211-40 of the Tourism Code, the subscriber is insured against the financial consequences of the Operating and Professional Liability / After Delivery that may fall to him because of the damage caused to third parties because of his activity as a travel agency. Verdon Secret is the commercial brand used by our company for the online sales of the digital-internet platform. Verdon Voyages is a reseller of tours and travel services (activities) from a wide variety of providers. In order to offer a service of the best quality, we have imagined for you this platform to facilitate the organization of your stay in the Verdon. We sincerely hope you will enjoy using our services.

        3. Moral conduct and good internet practices:

You agree to use, and all websites affiliated with Verdon Voyages only for lawful purposes. By using our website, you agree to follow the rules below.
You will only use Verdon Travel to make legitimate requests to book stays and other services we offer through Verdon Travel. This means no speculative, false or fraudulent requests. You also agree not to use bots or other automated means to access our products.
You agree that you are not a direct competitor of our company coming to steal all our good ideas. However, you are welcome to collaborate with us. We love affiliate programs and invite you to contact us to arrange visits to your site.
You represent that you are of legal age and have the right to accept these terms.
Verdon Voyages does not condone any offensive, indecent, inaccurate or inappropriate behavior or content.
We work hard on the content of our site and are specialists in the Verdon region: you agree not to copy our products and descriptions.
You agree not to use the site to threaten, stalk, defraud, incite, harass or advocate the harassment of another person, or interfere with another person’s use of the site.
You agree not to use the Site to transmit spam, chain letters, contests, junk mail, pyramid schemes, surveys, or any other annoying mass message, whether or not you want to make money.
You agree not to cause harm to minors through our site and you will respect the right to privacy if you decide to send us photos of activities performed through our service.
You will not use this site to promote bigotry, hatred or any discrimination against anyone. Finally, you agree not to try to hack our site. We have worked hard for this.

        4. The contents of the Verdon Voyages website

We reserve the right to remove content from our site without notice and at our sole discretion. If a review or comment on an activity seems inappropriate, we will decide to remove it without any liability.
All your online contributions will be published. Your photos, testimonials, comments are welcome. We like interactivity with our customers. However, the form of your contributions remains at our sole discretion.
By spontaneously submitting content, you transfer us the right to use it as we see fit (in compliance with the laws in force) and to publish it for a period of time that is only binding for Verdon Voyages. A deletion of content is never final. We can reactivate your contribution at any time. If you send us a written request (email) to delete content about you, we will have one month (upon receipt of your request) to make this deletion effective.

        5. Trips and activities

The activities that we sell are generally not accessible to disabled people unless it is expressly stated on the activity’s label. Do not hesitate to contact us in our agency so that we can make you adapted proposals. We will do our best to make sure that all the public can discover our region.
Verdon Voyages is not responsible for information on services that we do not provide directly through our services and products.
We resell the services of others and try to help you find the activities or tours you are looking for.
Please read the descriptions carefully in order to choose an activity that really corresponds to your expectations.
Verdon Voyages does not guarantee the availability of tours until your reservation has been confirmed and paid.
The client remains fully responsible for his personal belongings during the whole activity. Verdon Voyages will not be held responsible for any potential material damage encountered during the activity, it is up to you to take out an additional insurance.

        6. Physical fitness and risks

As a client participating in an activity, booking for yourself or for others, you are required to inform us of any health or fitness problems. If you have had recent surgery or are undergoing medical treatment, you must inform the Verdon Voyages service provider. If you book for a group, you are required to ask these questions to each participant you are responsible for.

The service provider will decide whether to cancel the activity or to offer you an activity in accordance with your health condition.
Some of the activities we offer for sale may require a certain physical or moral commitment as well as a certain level of sportsmanship. Each participant is aware that this type of activity involves potential risks, however small, and assumes them with full knowledge of the facts.

Verdon Voyages will not be held responsible for the individual imprudence of one or more participants.

        7. Compliance and assistance

If you have any complaints about an activity, you agree to inform us so that we can help you find a solution to your problem. We like to help our customers and are always looking for ways to improve our service.

We make every effort to provide you with detailed descriptions of the activities we offer for sale. We give you all the necessary information to guarantee you a pre-contractual information in accordance with the services. However, if you notice the non-conformity of an activity, we ask you to inform us by using the contact address below:

Verdon Voyages will assist you by phone, in our store, via the assistance of our website, or by email on the following address:
We are committed to providing you with the best customer service and will do our best to solve your problem.

        8. Prices, rates and revisions

All our prices are managed through our booking system and we are committed to giving you the best price available on each activity.
All prices on the website are valid when posted on the Verdon Voyages website, but these prices are subject to change (as long as the booking has not been confirmed) at any time by the suppliers.
The prices indicated on the website are prices per person, except if the activity sticker expressly states it. If you are not sure you have understood the pricing or if you are confused, contact us before booking. We will explain everything to you.
Prices are shown including all taxes at the time of purchase.
Our prices do not include tips for your guides, tour directors or drivers, or any other such costs. If you are satisfied with their service you are free to tip or not to tip.
Any food or drink you may need to purchase during your trip is your responsibility. Sometimes meals and drinks are offered on tours and you must specifically book them as “extras”.
Be sure to read your reservation summary carefully. It will tell you what is included or excluded from your purchase.

        9. Modification of a booking

If you need to change your reservation, send us a message and we will do our best to help you do so, free of charge (if the notice complies with our cancellation rules- see article 10 below) . However, costs may increase (or decrease) due to changes in your reservation. If this happens, we will inform you of any price increase (or decrease) as outlined in the previous box.

        10. Cancellations

General case:
Activities may be cancelled or rescheduled depending on the booking conditions. We will refund your purchase with a flat fee. Full billing will occur in all cases if you do not show up without cancelling (No show).
Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking and in the activity confirmation message, the cancellation conditions are listed on our website in the “Book Online” tab and are as follows

  • No right of withdrawal. The purchaser of tourist products does not benefit from the withdrawal period to which they are entitled when purchasing other products or services at a distance (articles L. 121-16-1 and L. 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code).
    In accordance with article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, this contract is not subject to the right of withdrawal. However, the traveler can cancel the contract at any time before the beginning of the trip and will pay the following fees:
    Cancellation/Cancellation fee. The traveler may cancel/resolve this contract according to the following cancellation schedule:
  • Cancellation fee (on the total price of the trip) Outdoor activities: Outdoor 72
  • Less than 72 hours before the beginning of the activity: NO REFUND
  • More than 72 hours before the beginning of the activity: REFUND with a deduction of 5 euros per person (or  a fee of 10 euros for an electric boat)

Some activities require a confirmation from the provider. In this case, we mention it at the time of the reservation. You will receive an email to remind you with the phone number or email of the provider.

Cancellations of :
– Restaurants: when you reserve a restaurant, you will be asked to confirm by phone. Cancellation without charge for restaurants.
– Accommodations: for hotels or campgrounds, please refer to the conditions of each accommodation by clicking on the link that redirects you to their websites.
– Museum, cinema, country house… Cancellations are possible without charge up to the time of booking with a 5 euro deduction per booking.

We advise all travelers to take out comprehensive travel insurance to minimize possible financial and/or material losses due to unforeseen situations occurring during your trip. You agree to do so if it makes sense to you.

Special cases :

Outdoor activities

Some tours or services are sensitive to weather changes and may be cancelled. We cannot control the weather as much as we would like.
Outdoor activities, in order to take place in optimal conditions, must meet a certain number of parameters that are at the discretion of the provider and therefore confirm, postpone or cancel the reservation. Ex: inappropriate weather, water release, course maintenance, equipment problem, etc…
At the time of booking, an automatic confirmation message is sent to you. This message specifies your obligations for each activity. In general, in the case of an outdoor activity, the confirmation message indicates a telephone number (that of the provider) that you must call the day before before a certain time in order to validate that all conditions are met for the activity to take place.
If you do not call the contact number provided at the time of booking within the time limit, then the cancellation cannot be made according to the cancellation conditions in force. Indeed, contacting the Provider is one of your obligations as a client (if mentioned on the confirmation message of your reservation). If the provider decides to cancel the activity and you do not contact him as planned, you will not be entitled to any refund. However, we will do our best to offer you a solution to postpone the activity.

Activities with a required number of participants
Some activities may be subject to a minimum and maximum number of passengers to take place. This number is indicated on each activity sticker. If at the deadline (indicated in the booking form), the minimum number of people required for the realization of the activity was not reached, Verdon Voyages or the provider will be able to cancel it according to the following conditions framed by the article L.211-14 III of the Tourism Code. The possibility of cancelling a stay for lack of participants becomes degressive. It depends on the duration of the stay. The deadlines of information are as follows:
– 20 days before departure if it exceeds 6 days
– 7 days before the beginning of the trip if its duration is between 2 and 6 days
– 48 hours before the beginning of the trip if the duration of the stay is less than 2 days
Please note that if you reduce the number of people in a reservation, it is equivalent to a cancellation of these passengers / participants. If you increase the number of participants, please note that the activity originally purchased may no longer have the capacity to accommodate your new reservation. We will do our best to provide you with what you need in accordance with the safety conditions and with the agreement of the provider who provides the activity.

Cancellation by the provider for safety reasons
Cancellations may be made by activity providers due to weather conditions. Your safety is a major concern. If guides say that engaging in an activity is not safe, we will always agree with them.
Our activity providers are certified professionals and as such take responsibility for your safety. They act in accordance with the legal framework of their field of activity and apply all the provisions and recommendations of the latter.

Cancellation by the provider due to weather conditions will result in a full refund and we will do our best to offer you an alternative.

        11. Payment

Le paiement pour les visites s’effectue via notre passerelle de paiement sécurisée sur
Lorsque vous effectuez un paiement via notre site, un paiement complet est débité de votre carte de crédit.
Nous nous engageons à rendre ce processus aussi sécurisé que possible et nous utilisons la sécurité SSL et le https.

        12. Use of your data

If you do not wish to be the subject of commercial prospecting by telephone, you can register free of charge on a list of opposition to telephone solicitation The person concluding this contract agrees to transmit their data for the purpose of its execution and guarantees that they have collected the consent of other travelers for the same purpose.
We would love to see you again in the Verdon and for this purpose we will send you information on our new offers of excursions or stays (within a limit of three sendings per year. It is promised, your mailbox will not be saturated with Verdon Voyages mailings).
The data are kept for a period that does not exceed the time necessary for the following purposes:

  • Ordering a stay: the data necessary to process your order will be kept for the time necessary to establish a right or a contract
  • Management of the commercial relationship: the data will be kept (at the latest) 3 years after the end of the commercial relationship.

In accordance with the legislation in force, you have the right to access, rectify, delete and portability of your personal data and the right to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons.

To exercise these rights, you must send a letter to the following address Chemin Marcel Provence, 04360 Moustiers Sainte-Marie or an e-mail to:

In conclusion,
We wish you a pleasant stay with us and hope you will have an unforgettable experience with Verdon Voyages in the lakes and canyons of the Verdon.