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Who are we?

This local platform, founded by two Verdonians who love outdoor sports, aims to promote the Verdon region, from Lake Allos to the confluence, in terms of people and the environment. In this approach, we are available to meet with you and work together to create a sustainable and responsible tourism. Join us!

Why join Verdon Voyages ?

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Do not pay any registration fees

The services you provide will be made available online for free.

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Increase your online visibility

Use our booking platform to increase your visibility on the internet, social media, and your own website.

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Enter your available slots directly into the platform so that your customers can book at any time.

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Manage your reservations

An intuitive interface allows you to manage your calendar, your activities, and your stays all from one place. You can also activate online reservations on your own website.

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Reduce the No-Show

Payment is made in advance when booking. This way, you get paid even if the client does not show up.

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Follow your values

In order to promote sustainable tourism in the region, we are committed to the protection of the environment. To join us is also to adhere to these values.

How to join Verdon Voyages ?

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