Sillans la Cascade Village

Sillans la Cascade is a village of the Var located at only 9 km from Aups, at the doors of the regional park of Verdon. Its main curiosity is its waterfall, a superb cascade of 44 meters high, where the Bresque river, flows into a magnificent basin of a blue green reminding the Verdon.

When you arrive, you will have to park in one of the many paying car parks.. There is very little chance of finding a free place, and we advise you against it, otherwise the municipal police will leave you a “nice” note on your windshield.

The access to the bottom of the waterfall is closed since 2011, it is impossible to go there and even less to swim because of frequent rock falls. However, swimming is allowed downstream of the waterfall (see below). The Eco-guards watch over the respect of the instructions all year long.

To approach the waterfall of Sillans, you have two possible choices:

Going to the belvedere

On the left bank of the Bresque (next to the nursery school, parking of May 8, 1945), an easy access path takes you there, starting with a wide pedestrian path then continuing on a narrower path, a few steps interrupt your walk. No difficulty, you can do it with young children but not recommended for strollers or PRM. From the parking lot, it takes 15 minutes to reach the viewpoint of the waterfall, it is slightly higher.
It is after a detour that you will fall face to face with the waterfall, you will be amazed, stunned, by its beauty, an incredible landscape. From the top of its 44 meters, the Bresque flows into its basin with Verdunian colors. A pleasure.
The different colors on the rock face indicate the rock falls, so it is forbidden to swim in the basin or to go down, but we have a solution for you below!
The lookout is quite crowded in summer, so you may have to wait a bit to take your picture.

route Belvedere

Going downstream from the waterfall (and swimming)

On the right bank of the Bresque (next to the olive grove, parking of the Church), you will go down the small tarred road between the parking of the waterfall and the Church. A 1 km walk awaits you (15 minutes), after which the road becomes a dirt track and remains very easy to access and the partially shaded track makes it more pleasant in summer.
Not far from the finish line, you can admire the waterfall and take a great picture, the path becomes a little more complicated but remains largely practicable for young children. A few steps further, surprise, a small “clandestine” bar-cafe held by a lady! Don’t count on the CB payment nor on a large choice of drinks or fixed opening hours… funny.
A few more seconds and you’re there, a little bath is more than welcome. The color of the clear water will surprise you! What’s nice about the river is that it forms several pools and offers several places to spread your towel along the river. It’s perfect.
It is impossible to go back up to the waterfall, the Eco-guards present all year long will remind you.

Waterfalls in the Verdon Gorges
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